Twinning now and then

One of the main reasons why I decided to embark on the OrKids project was because I became a mum and I adore the fun around getting to choose what my children wear and getting them dressed. In a few years, they will be deciding themselves what they want to wear, which will be another phase of childhood (perfectly acceptable as well) and I will no longer have a say :( So, while I am in complete control, why not! :)


For the new new season, I was inspired to bring a little bit of twinning into the store and more coordinated looks so you mommies have a wider selection of outfits made in the same fabrics and matching colours.  



When I was little, my mum used to dress me and my sister alike. And if I go back one generation, my mother’s attires coordinated with her siblings too. Thus, the ‘matching look’ trend is nothing new but a classic and beautiful tradition mums do when they became so!




I am inspired by the fact that when someone decides to coordinate an outfit with someone else, there is that thought of bonding and friendship in a way. It can be mummy and daughter, siblings or friends too. There is a beautiful message that these people complement each other very well.




We will have some beautiful dresses for mummy & daughter in the store. What we love about them is the fact that they are ideal to suit many occasions by changing the way you decide to accessorize them. I am counting the hours for the stock to arrive so that my daughter and I twin! I can already see the excitement on her face to be dressed like mummy :)



We are approaching the Easter break, and as the weather gets warmer and the days are longer, we will certainly start planning more family days out. It is in those days where I personally like dressing my children wearing coordinated outfits. I carry the camera with me all day so I can make long lasting memories. I like to imagine how, later on in life, they will look at how cute they were dressed and this will bring smile (more than a light embarrassment I hope!) to their faces. And I hope it will inspire them to do the same with their children! Eventually this is what OrKids is about!


Happy weekend!! .... & ....  Happy Easter!! 







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