Newborn bliss

We are very excited as we are extending our Baby section to include Newborn in our online store with sizes that will range from zero to 6 months. It will be a very petit and unique section, specifically created for mummy-to-be, where she will find those exclusive outfits for the very special first weeks and months.

Outfits exclusively handpicked to ensure timeless designs, quality as well as the making.


All our newborn clothing is made in natural fabrics sourced ethically from local suppliers.

Your newborn is so delicate and so is his skin. That is why fabrics such as cotton, merino wool, cashmere and silk, that are produced by animals and plants, are so important. On the other hand, synthetic fabrics, like polyester and acrylics are man-made created in the laboratories and hence more prone to chemicals and other substances that may harm newborn’s skin.

If we follow the doctor’s advice, cotton is the best fabric for your newborn and below are the key reasons why wherever you are in the World, it is recommended to be used...

  • is a natural, 100% organic fabric
  • is very soft so do not rub harsh against the skin
  • cotton fabrics absorb the body’s moisture easily keeping the baby cool at all times
  • is non-allergic, perfect for babies that suffer from asthma because unlike other materials (like synthetics and acrylics), it is a natural fiber and does not contain contamination of particulates that can trigger an attack
  • is very durable, easy to machine wash, dry and use. It releases dirt easily so there is no need to use harsh soaps and other chemicals. Moreover, it can be washed at high temperatures and therefore sterilized without affecting its quality and durability.
  • synthetic products are often treated with plenty of chemicals to give them a good finish. But they can cause skin rashes.

Another aspect mummies need to consider is the safety element of buttons (possibility of being loose), cords and other accessories. The fewer, the better. Most of our newborn blouses are button free - just tie across with a small lace at the front or back for the baby’s comfort and yours to allow our little gems to be changed easily.



We source cottons that are lightweight and breathable more suitable for the coming season. But we also sourced from suppliers that had been in the trade of making hand made baby garments and put so much passion and care in what they do to make garments that are ‘simple in form but have so much content’.



We look forward to showing you the Newborn range very soon!!

Have a wonderful weekend! 



OrKids Team 



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